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Pest Control in Lakewood Ranch

Pest Control is a Necessity Even in Upscale Communities Such as Lakewood Ranch

If you live in Lakewood Ranch, you don’t just live in paradise. You reside in the number one multi-generational community in the nation. Lakewood Ranch, built by design with precisely this goal in mind, has something for everyone. Close proximity to beaches, shopping, dining, sports, arts, and entertainment, Lakewood Ranch has it all. Since it is located just inland from Florida’s Gulf Coast, that means it also has all the bugs and pests of any other Florida town. So regarding pest control Lakewood Ranch FL needs quality service providers. 

Pest Control Lakewood Ranch

If you’ve lived in Florida for some time, you know pests, rodents, and other wildlife are simply part of life. However, they don’t have to be part of life inside your home. With the help of one of the most highly-rated, professional pest control service companies in Lakewood Ranch, FL, your home can become and remain pest-free. 

Fortunately, Rodent Solutions, Inc. is the top Lakewood Ranch Pest Control company. We are the best pest and rodent control service you’ll find in the area. We understand how quickly our Lakewood Ranch neighbors want to address pest control concerns. Our same-day response times and one-and-done service mean you won’t be calling for repeat visits. That means you’ll get back to living your best life sooner rather than later. 

Where is Lakewood Ranch, FL?

Nestled in Manatee and Sarasota Counties, Lakewood Ranch, Florida, is its own town just inland of the local beach communities. This planned community reaches the area’s many amenities while being a retreat from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. With over two dozen villages, top-rated schools, and businesses, this area will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Pest Control Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is just a short drive to nationally-acclaimed Gulf beaches, Sarasota’s arts and entertainment scene, and the professional sports of the Tampa Bay area. But it also boasts its own community-building events and amenities. From farmer’s markets and weekly music events to stunning golf courses, parks, trails, and playgrounds, Lakewood Ranch brings its residents together on a regular basis. 

As much as Lakewood Ranch residents love their community, isn’t it important to find local service providers? Rodent Solutions, Inc., is owned and operated by a lifelong local resident of Manatee County.

We’ve been serving the Lakewood Ranch community for over 12 years. We have extensive knowledge of this area’s pest control and construction industries. Who better to protect your home and family from the pests and wildlife local to our area?

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How Far is Lakewood Ranch from the beach?

While not an actual beach community, Lakewood Ranch is 15-20 miles from some of the top-rated beaches in the United States. Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and Lido Key comprise the coastline of the Florida Gulf Coast. Each section of the beach features unique local communities of their own, making a trip to the beach an excellent day trip or staycation from Lakewood Ranch. 

Pest Control Lakewood Ranch

Within Lakewood Ranch, waterfront property means lush lakes and preserves that maintain the natural beauty of Florida’s interior. While these natural surroundings provide excellent shade and landscape possibilities, they are also home to many of Florida’s natural wildlife.

Though we’d love to believe our four-footed (and more) neighbors will stay in the trees and Palmetto bushes, chances are they will find their way into your home or office. 

When they do, call a wildlife control company that can remove these visitors and ensure that they don’t return again. Rodent Solutions, Inc. offers the highest quality service and treatment plan for the removal of rodents and pests.

We offer services such as ant control, mosquito control, termite control, and perform rodent exclusions, securing your home and preventing unwanted rats, mice, and squirrels. Lakewood Ranch is an area lush with foliage and natural surroundings. It’s a fact of life that rats, mice, squirrels, and other wildlife will sometimes overstep their boundaries. When they do, call the local experts that can help prevent them permanently.

How Big is Lakewood Ranch? 

Though Lakewood Ranch is a mere 47 square miles, it continues to grow and evolve. The community is always attracting new families, retirees, and young movers and shakers. So its presence and reputation are much more significant than its geographical imprint. There will be new Lakewood Ranch homes for sale for years to come. As new communities and villages are being planned and constructed, there is plenty of movement in the animal community in Lakewood Ranch. 

Wildlife is meant to survive and thrive, so when a new area is being constructed, the animals that used to find their home in that spot will quickly move to find a new home. Their survival instincts might sometimes lead them to your garage, pool area, or attic. Lakewood Ranch weather brings rain and thunderstorms in the summer, sending wildlife searching for shelter in higher ground, often including your attic. When that happens, we must remove them from your home and help them back to their own. Rodent Solutions, Inc., is certified and licensed for wildlife removal, whether rodents, bats, birds, or pests. 

Using a professional pest control and removal company is a smart idea. Using a local company with more than the required certifications and training is an even smarter idea. The team at Rodent Solutions, Inc. is familiar with the home construction industry, which means we know all the entry points local wildlife might attempt to use.

We also perform pest and rodent exclusion services on these points so animals can’t return. One visit from our professionals and you’ll be pest-free for good. Then you can get back to enjoying the natural beauty around you for what it is: Florida’s best landscape. 

Providing Lakewood Ranch with Locally Owned Pest Control

Your Lakewood Ranch community is just about perfect on purpose. This amazing area was designed with you in mind. Keeping your Lakewood Ranch home and neighborhood free of pests, rodents, and other Florida wildlife will allow you to enjoy this little slice of paradise for what it is.

When you find some of the great outdoors sneaking in your back door, call us at Rodent Solutions, Inc. We’ve been NextDoor’s Favorite Pest Control Company for three years running for a reason. We’ll quickly and permanently remove the unwanted pests and get you back to living your best Lakewood Ranch life as soon as possible.



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