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Who is Responsible for Commercial Pest Control Services?  

Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Control in a Commercial Kitchen
Nick Inspects a Commercial Kitchen for Pest Issues

The issue of responsibility when providing commercial pest control services in a commercial rental property can be a little confusing sometimes. When looking for commercial pest control services for your rental property, you may ask yourself: Is the landlord responsible? What if the tenants are truly to blame? Who should pay to resolve the problem? 

Here, we will not only resolve this issue of responsibility once and for all, we’ll provide you with the tools and confidence you need to find a solid commercial pest control company quickly and efficiently. 

Who Is Responsible for Pest Control in a Commercial Rental Property?

Nick Looking For Signs of Rodents in a Commercial Kitchen
Signs of Pests Such as Rats are Often Hidden Under the Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to commercial pest control services, the main responsibility falls, either directly or indirectly, on the owner or landlord. After all, this is your investment. The need to protect it is real. Florida State Law requires that residential property owners provide, among other essentials, regular maintenance and seasonal pest control. Of course, we realize that sometimes tenants are to blame for drawing bugs, pests, rodents and other uninvited guests to your property. 

However, a clear statement in the rental agreement, along with regular maintenance and preventative measures, should clear up the confusion of who’s to blame. This still ultimately falls to the landlord to include this information in the rental agreement and to uphold it if and when a problem arises. Regardless of fault, rentprep.com says it’s important to deal with the issue quickly and permanently, then settle up later. 

What Should I Look for in a Commercial Pest Control Company?

Rat Control In a Commercial Property
Nick Places Rat Traps in Our Safe Boxes out of Sight, Where Rats Hide

Once you realize you have a pest problem on your hands, regardless of fault, you’ll want to act fast. Removing unwanted pests quickly and efficiently is a top priority when it comes to protecting your investment, providing excellent service to your tenants, and maintaining a strong reputation in your community. We’ve found the EPA offers the following tips for finding the perfect commercial rental property pest control near me that fits your values…and your budget. 

      • Seek Quality and Value.

        Find a commercial pest company that works to ethically maintain a pest-free environment for you, your tenants, and the structure of your property. A pest management team that offers top notch service at an affordable price will safely and ethically remove pests from your premises permanently.

      • Seek a Local Pest Control Company You Can Trust.

        Finding a provider who knows your region, climate, and history will result in impeccable service the first time, every time. When it comes to pest control experts in the Bradenton/Sarasota area, we know the area better than anyone and we’re a trusted local business that cares about our neighbors. 

      • Seek Deep Industry Knowledge.

        In any field, you want the best of the best. The certifications, licensing and education that back the sales pitch are everything. From our extensive knowledge of each type of pest, rodent, bird and wildlife to understanding entry points and ethical removal practices, our commercial service, training and knowledge beats the competition every time.

      • Seek Service Guarantees.

        They say a job worth doing is worth doing right. We value this statement and seek to provide the best, most comprehensive commercial pest service the first time around. Then we back it up with a service guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your problem was solved the right way, right away. 

      • Seek Targeted, Customized Pest Control.

        You wouldn’t take your boat to an auto mechanic for repairs, and you don’t need a bug guy coming out when you have bats in the attic. Finding the correct, targeted pest control for the types of service you’re seeking not only saves you time and money, it addresses the heart of the matter quickly and directly. A top pest control company does it all and does it well. In one short consultation, our experts will identify common pests as well as uncommon types, and offer specific types of service to get you back on track, pest-free, as soon as possible. 

    Pest control on a commercial warehouse
    Dennis Treats the Exterior of a Commercial Warehouse

    Completing Your Search 

    When you’re searching for a commercial pest control service, look no further than Rodent Solutions, Inc. Our knowledge of the industry at large, as well as our local community, is second to none. Our ethical practices, attention to detail and commitment to service make us a leader in quality and professionalism in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Parrish and Lakewood Ranch communities. Take responsibility for your commercial property and keep your buildings, tenants and employees pest-free. The only thing you stand to lose are unwanted pests. 



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