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What’s the Difference Between Pest Control and Pest Extermination?

If you’re dealing with a pest problem, you may wonder whether to call an exterminator or a pest control professional. We have been asked, “What’s the difference between pest control and pest extermination?” While the two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference between them.  We’ll give you the answer that Google might give you, and then we’ll explain the real-world difference. 

Difference Between Pest Control and Pest Extermination
Created By James Knight- Owner of Rodent Solutions Inc

Pest Control or Exterminator

Is hiring someone to perform pest control the same as hiring an exterminator?  Read on to find out.   

Traditional Definition 

An exterminator is someone who specializes in killing pests. They use various methods, including pesticides, traps, and other devices. Exterminators are typically called in for more serious pest problems, such as infestations of rodents or insects.

On the other hand, a pest control professional specializes in preventing and controlling pests. They use various methods, including inspecting properties for potential pest entry points, sealing up cracks and crevices, and removing food sources that attract pests. Pest control professionals are typically called in for less serious pest problems, such as occasional sightings of pests or small infestations.

Is There Really a Difference between Pest Control and Extermination? 

In the real world, the words are used interchangeably.  Looking up one online should produce the same results as pest control companies.  Pest control and pest extermination are the same for intents and purposes.  Exterminator tends to be the older terminology.  The methodology of how to get rid of pests is the main difference.   You can compare it to a mechanic and an automotive technician, they both fix your car, but the names changed to help improve the outward appearance of the industry.    

What Has Changed Over Time? 

The way modern pest control is approached has changed.  

      • We now look at pest control with an Integrated Pest Management Approach

      • No reputable pest control company will walk in with a sprayer and soak your baseboards through the house in a perceived attempt to “nuke” the house.

      • Chemicals are applied judiciously and carefully selected for the target pest and at carefully measured concentrations.  In the past, the mentality was “excess for success” with the strongest product possible. 

    Tips for Choosing the Best Pest Control Company Near You:

        • Get multiple quotes. This will help you compare prices and services.  You must find someone you’re comfortable with in regard to pricing, products offered, service, and what you perceive as the value of the service.

        • Ask about the company’s experience and qualifications. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Ask if they have training above and beyond what our licensing body requires.  This includes independent training and education outside the company-provided pest control service training.  

        • Ask about the company’s use of pesticides. Some people prefer using natural methods or reduced-risk pest control products at home or in business.  Unfortunately, most advertised “natural” methods have huge drawbacks regarding effectiveness and longevity. 

        • Get everything in writing. This includes the scope of work, the price, and the warranty.

      By following these tips, you can be sure to choose the right pest control professional for your needs.

      Benefits of Hiring a Modern Pest Control Professional

      There are many benefits to hiring a pest control professional. Here are a few of the most important ones:

          • Expertise: Pest control professionals have the experience and expertise to identify and control pests. They know the habits of different pests and the best methods for getting rid of them.

          • Safety: Pest control professionals use safe and effective methods to control pests. They will take steps to protect you, your family, and your pets from pesticide exposure.

          • Peace of mind: Knowing that your pest problem is being handled can give you peace of mind. Pest control professionals will come to your home and inspect it for pests, and they will treat any problems they find.

          • Prevention: Pest control professionals can also help you prevent pests from coming into your home in the first place. They will inspect your home for potential entry points, seal them up, and recommend ways to keep pests away from your home.

        If you have a pest problem, it’s important to call a pest control company near you for help. Pest control professionals like the team at Rodent Solutions have the experience, expertise, and safety precautions in place to get rid of pests safely and effectively. We can also help you prevent pests from coming back in the future.



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