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Rat Entry Points Found During a Rodent Inspection in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Rodent Inspection Near Us in Lakewood Ranch, FL 

We received a familiar call from a customer looking for a rodent exterminator, requesting a rodent inspection as soon as we could get to her home.  The complaint was, “We hear noises and scratching in the attic when it’s quiet at night over our main entryway and bedroom.  We have a nice house, and we are clean people. We don’t know why they (rats) decided to infest our house”.  We let them know that Lakewood Ranch has been seeing a surge in rodent complaints, We explained that the building code doesn’t require many areas on homes to be built rodent-proof, which is normally the cause of most rodent issues.  Rodent infestations rarely have anything to do with the homeowners themselves.  The pictures shown below are very common rodent entry points.  We went on to explain that of all the areas we cover (Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, & Parrish) that Lakewood Ranch neighborhoods are by far our busiest areas for rodents (rats, mice, and squirrels.) 

The Steps Needed Getting the Rats Removed at this Lakewood Ranch House

  1. They called the best pest control company near them, which is also a rodent specialist, Rodent Solutions.
  2.  They scheduled a same-day rodent inspection for our experts to assess what critter is in the attic scratching and making noise.  In this case, roof rats infested the attic.
  3. Once we determined we were dealing with roof rats, we identified the rodent entry points into the home and presented them with a full-home rat exclusion proposal with a guarantee against re-entry.   
  4. Our rodent control experts performed a rat exclusion and set rat traps in the attic to catch any remaining rats.  We also used a squirrel deterrent on the fascia boards to help prevent squirrels from chewing on the customer’s rough-cut cedar.     
  5. We performed a short rat trapping program and pulled the rat traps out of the attic once completed.  
  6. The rat infestation in the home was very minor, and the attic did not need any decontamination services to be performed, so the customer was now able to rest easy with their rat-free guarantee.  

Another Home Successfully Rodent-Proofed

There you have it!  This home was the basic rodent exclusion that we commonly see.  There were other areas we sealed as preventative measures against rodent entry; however, these areas were the active rat entry points.   If you’re interested in rat control services or a preventative rodent exclusion, contact us today for a fast inspection from the 2021 & 2022 Winner of Nextdoor’s Favorite Pest Control Company in Lakewood Ranch, Rodent Solutions.    



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