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Rodent Removal Services

HELP! I have rats!

Who do I call when I need rodent removal?

When you discover mice, a family of squirrels, or worse, a rat in your home or business, you want it removed yesterday. We all do. Here in Florida, we understand bugs are simply a part of life. We see a cockroach, we call our favorite pest control company. But rodents are another story altogether. We don’t all have a local rodent removal company stored in our phones. But when you need rodent removal services, you need them fast! 

Rodent Removal Services

Since rodents reproduce quickly and seek comfortable places, like walls and attics, to nest, they might find your space the perfect location to start a family. It also turns out that mice and rats do not need much space to enter a building. Once they’re in, it will be your job to get rid of rodents before they reproduce, chew through wires and building materials like drywall, or die and leave a mess to decontaminate. 

There are a few types of rodents that may get into your home. Rats, mice, and squirrels are the ones we are most often called for. The minute you discovered evidence of a rodent in your space, you probably googled “rodent removal near me” to solve the problem quickly. 

Rodent Removal Services

But do you know what you’re looking for regarding rodent control experts? How do you decide who to call when you need rodent control? And more to the point, how do you choose the best among the rodent removal services listed? Who will not only remove the existing rodents but also ensure that they nor their friends ever come back?

What to Look for in a Rodent Removal Service

Whether you’re seeking dead rodent removal, attic rodent removal, or you simply saw a mouse and don’t know what else lies behind the walls of your home or business, choosing the right people for the job the first time is important. A company that will make it their goal to prevent rodent infestations in the future. 

You’ll want someone who is going to do more than just set rodent bait stations outside and trap. Time is of the essence and you need professionals who know how to handle this problem. 

Rodent Exclusion in process from Rodent Solutions.

Proper Certifications, Licensing, & Equipment

Seek a team that has certifications and licensing for rodent removal services. Some general pest control companies don’t even carry ladders on their trucks. A true rodent removal company will be prepared to check your attic, walls, crawl spaces and anywhere mice, rats or squirrels could try to enter your premises. Ladders are essential, but they’re only the beginning. 

Certifications from Trade Associations

Does your company have a Rodent Certification from NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association)? Do they understand rodent exclusion as well as trapping? A Rodent exclusion seals all entry points more than ¼” wide where rodents might try to enter the premises, preventing future infestations. This is vastly important in the prevention of future infestations and is a step that should never be overlooked. 

Be Prepared to Pay Out of Pocket Rodent Removal

If you call a typical pest control service, they may not arrive prepared to handle the issue of rodent exclusion, much less trapping and decontaminating your space once and for all. This will only lead to more time, expense, and frustration as you continue to seek the right people for this job. It’s important to find a rodent removal service in your area that can handle the specific rodent problems you’re facing once and for all. 

By now, you are probably also considering the expense of removing your new furry residents. Unfortunately, most general homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover rodent removal services. However, according to Bankrate.com, there may be exceptions if the offending creature chewed through wires or pipes, resulting in fire or flood damage.

Generally speaking, rat control will be your financial responsibility inside your home, vehicle, or even in your yard. Costs will vary depending on how large the infestation is, how many possible points of entry need to be sealed, and whether or not decontamination services are required. All the more reason to choose a company that will ensure that the first sighting is also the last. Why not start with a rodent removal company that comes prepared to handle your specific issue correctly and definitively the first time?

Choose The Best Rodent Removal Near Me

In the Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Parrish areas, Rodent Solutions, Inc. is the best rodent removal service you can find. Whether you need rodent removal from attic, crawl space, or walls, Rodent Solutions, Inc. is qualified to assess the damage, remove the problem and exclude the premises from future infestations. 

Rodent Removal Services

Our rodent exterminators and wildlife removal experts are licensed by The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services for Pest Control, Wildlife, and Termites. We are active National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) members and were certified through their first class of Rodent Standard Certification.

Safety Training

Our entire team has completed their OHSA 10 safety training for the construction industry. This allows us to safely inspect a home or business for potential entry points, damage, and health hazards created by rats, squirrels, mice, or other unwanted wildlife. 

Local Rodent Removal

In addition to these credentials, the team is local to the Bradenton/Sarasota area. We have extensive personal and professional knowledge of the construction business in the area, allowing us to quickly and precisely diagnose the root of your rodent problem. We’ve earned multiple awards for our outstanding service and quality work. Schedule your pest inspection today and find yourself rodent-free sooner rather than later, once and for all.



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