How Dangerous Is It To Have Mice In My Bradenton Home?

When you think of a small, furry mouse with its big doe eyes, danger might not be the first thought that comes to mind. But, these pests are dangerous and not something you should ever allow in your home. Mice in Bradenton aren’t super aggressive and won’t seek us out to bite, but they cause serious damage to our homes and spread diseases that make us ill. Even just one mouse in your home is a threat, and you should take steps to eliminate them as quickly as possible!

Why Are Mice So Common In Florida Homes?

If you have a mouse in your Florida home, the most likely culprit is the house mouse. As their name states, they are the most common mice to make themselves at home in structures with people, making keeping mice away from our homes difficult. Their small size, agility, and flexible skeleton make it easy for them to find a way into our homes.

Mice are wild animals, but over time they have come to develop a close relationship with people, using our homes as a place they can have their basic needs met. They have learned that our homes offer them a place of safety, easy access to food and water, and provide them with multiple nesting spots. Their small body size makes it easy for mice to move into our Florida homes through the smallest of spaces, needing a hole only the diameter of a pencil to get through.

Discovering a mouse in your home is not uncommon but is also not something that you should ignore. Finding a single mouse in your house is usually just the tip of the iceberg, and there are likely many more lurking nearby. A single female can give birth to a litter of eight or more babies every three weeks! While we benefit mice, mice are nothing but trouble for us, and eliminating mice from our homes should be at the top of all our priority lists.

Dangers Mice Cause When In Our Homes

Knowing the dangers that mice bring with them will help you understand why it is so important to keep mice away and get rid of mice that have found a way into your Bradenton home as quickly as possible.

Listed below are the biggest problems that mice cause in our homes:

  • Mice carry disease-causing pathogens on their bodies and in their feces and saliva. As mice move throughout our homes, they contaminate surfaces and food with things that make us ill.
  • Fleas and ticks live on the bodies of mice. Mice introduce these parasites into our yards and homes.
  • Wires that mice have chewed on can cause short circuits or trigger fires.
  • A mouse’s shed fur and excrement contain allergens that cause allergy symptoms and respiratory problems in people.

Deter mice from turning your Bradenton home into a place they feel comfortable with the help of the following prevention tips:

  1. Carefully inspect your home’s exterior. Seal any tiny openings you discover using caulk, steel wool, or another suitable material.
  2. Cut back overgrown landscaping plants from your home that mice can hide in, and that will help them gain access to your home’s exterior.
  3. Regularly vacuum your house to remove crumbs that mice can use as a food source.
  4. Store pantry items in a hard-sided container with airtight lids and perishables in the fridge to keep them away from hungry mice.
  5. Keep clutter to a minimum in your home. Clutter provides mice with a place to hide. The longer mice are in your home, the more mice there will be to eliminate.

Let The Professionals At Rodent Solutions Keep Mice Out Of Your Bradenton Home

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of mice from your Bradenton home is to partner with us at Rodent Solutions. Our professionals will find the mice in your home, discover all their nesting sites, and provide the treatment necessary to eliminate them.

We want to help you accomplish your goal of a rodent-free home. We are dedicated to helping people living in Bradenton guard their homes against mice and protect their families from the health risks they pose. Reach out today to learn more about eliminating mice through our comprehensive rodent control services!




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