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All The Problems Rats Can Create On Your Sarasota Property

Rats create can be a major problems for Sarasota property owners. Once they find food, water, and shelter, it is hard to keep rats away. Trying to get rid of rats that are already nesting on your property can be more than you can handle on your own. They breed quickly, can cause major damage, and are known for spreading some pretty nasty health risks. The quicker you can eliminate them, the better. Learn how partnering with Rodent Solutions, the experts at pest control in Sarasota, can take care of your rat problem and guarantee that these furry rodents won’t be messing with your property again.

Rat - Problems rats can create

Lifecycle And Behaviors Of Rats

Rats in Sarasota can produce around seven to 14 offspring at a time; they can have around five litters in a year. After birth, it takes up to four weeks to get to the point where they can fend for themselves. When they reach five weeks old, they can start mating to produce more offspring. The life expectancy of most rats is around one year, but they can live as long as three years. Their lifespan is dependent on several factors, including where they are living, what predators they are coming into contact with, conflicts with other rats, and being caught and killed by humans.

The main behaviors of rats involve perpetually searching for food, water, and shelter. These habits bring them into constant contact with humans, as they will use our homes, sheds, and garden debris as places for shelter to build their nests. Understanding a rat’s lifecycle and behavior is the first step in effective pest control for rats.

How Rats Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Rats can be harmful to us in a number of ways. They carry fleas onto our properties, which can harbor tapeworms and other diseases that can infest our pets. Rats also carry bacteria and pathogens in their saliva, urine, and excrement that can contaminate surfaces and food.

Diseases rats carry include:

Professional pest control in Sarasota is the best way to keep rats away from your property so you and your family don’t run the risk of contracting any of these harmful diseases.

Problems Rats Create On Your Property

Rats’ teeth never stop growing, so they are constantly looking for things to chew on; this habit can be very costly to property owners. Rats in Sarasota can cause infrastructure damage to homes, apartments, offices, and any type of building through their gnawing and nest-building. Once inside, they will chew through wires, insulation, clothes, boxes, drywall, and pretty much anything else they come across in search of food. This chewing not only causes major damage to your items and property but fires have been ignited due to the bare wires exposed by rats. If you see even one rat on your property, enlisting the help of Rodent Solutions, the Sarasota pest control experts, is the best step you can take to ensure your property is safe from these meddlesome pests.

Sarasota’s Secret Weapon To Effective Rat Control

At Rodent Solutions, we believe proper pest control for rats by our  licensed professional is needed to get rid of rats and keep them out. Performing a rodent exclusion of your home against rats is the only way to ensure you will not have a rat infestation again.

Our effective five-step plan for rat control is as follows:

  1. Perform your inspection.
  2. Perform your rodent exclusion.
  3. Trap and remove rats.
  4. Decontaminate infested areas from rat urine, feces, and sebum.
  5. Rest easy with our guarantee.

Rats are a serious problem for property owners, and fast, effective control is essential in dealing with them so that your property remains a safe and healthy environment. The technicians at Rodent Solutions are experts in providing successful solutions to any rodent problem. If you want to protect your property from the diseases rats carry and the damage they cause, contact Rodent Solutions today to set up an inspection.

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